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There are 19 colleges within 50 miles of Buffalo.  ApostilesUSA and Buffalo (Mobile) Notary Services is the most reliable and leading Local Apostille service in Buffalo/Niagara – New York including the Western Counties of New York.  ApostilesUSA and Buffalo (Mobile) Notary Services processes all Apostilles via Fedex – UPS – DHL – USPS with tracking, thereby assuring that our clients’ documents will be handled in the most professional and reliable way. Providing the fastest possible turn-around of the documents.  We can help you get your educational records from local colleges Apostilled.

College Location
Bryant and Stratton College Buffalo
Enrollment: 600 Tuition: $16,545
Buffalo, New York
Canisius College
Enrollment: 3,900 Tuition: $35,424
Buffalo, New York
D’Youville College
Enrollment: 2,909 Tuition: $25,210
Buffalo, New York
Erie Community College
Enrollment: 12,022 Tuition: $5,408
Buffalo, New York
Medaille College
Enrollment: 2,112 Tuition: $27,276
Buffalo, New York
SUNY College at Buffalo
Enrollment: 10,330 Tuition: $7,701
Buffalo, New York
Trocaire College
Enrollment: 1,369 Tuition: $16,770
Buffalo, New York
Villa Maria College
Enrollment: 543 Tuition: $21,080
Buffalo, New York
Daemen College
Enrollment: 2,767 Tuition: $26,940
Amherst, New York
Bryant and Stratton College Southtowns
Enrollment: 786 Tuition: $16,477
Orchard Park, New York
University at Buffalo
Enrollment: 29,796 Tuition: $9,574
Buffalo, New York
Hilbert College
Enrollment: 946 Tuition: $21,300
Hamburg, New York
ITT Technical Institute Getzville
Enrollment: 265 Tuition: $18,048
Getzville, New York
Bryant and Stratton College Amherst
Enrollment: 317 Tuition: $16,022
Getzville, New York
Niagara County Community College
Enrollment: 6,116 Tuition: $4,518
Sanborn, New York
Niagara University
Enrollment: 4,128 Tuition: $30,950
Niagara University, New York
Genesee Community College
Enrollment: 6,507 Tuition: $4,460
Batavia, New York
SUNY at Fredonia
Enrollment: 4,842 Tuition: $8,089
Fredonia, New York
Houghton College
Enrollment: 1,084 Tuition: $30,336
Houghton, New York


What is an Apostille? (French for “notation”). In simple language, an Apostille is a Certificate of authenticity issued by the New York Department of State of a Notarization, which renders such notarization”valid” for acceptance and legal use, for the benefit of the recipient in countries participating in the Hague Convention. This is an international treaty to facilitate international business among other things.

List of documents most commonly Apostilled:

  • Powers of Attorney
    • Wills
    • Photocopy Authentications (eg. passports & ID’s)
    • Commercial documents
    • Diplomas
    • School records*
    • Bills of sale
    • Contracts
    • Marriage certificates
    • Birth certificates*
    • Death certificates*
    • Court documents*
    • Police records
    • Titles (Vehicles & Vessels)
    • Corporation documents


*School records must be notarized by the issuing entity.
*Birth and Death certificates must be obtained from the office of Vital statistics and they must be signed by the state registrar.


1st. document, includes round-trip shipping with tracting from door to door (in New York), and state fees:  $150.00.
Any additional Apostille documents thereafter cost: $50.00/each.
*Court Certified documents such as Marriages or divorce certificates have a $10.00 additional cost.

The turn around time is 7-10 days from the date that we have to documents to be authenticated/apsotilled

The following is a list of countries that require Apostille authentications:

Albania Dominican Republic Lithuania Saint Kitts and Nevis
Andorra Ecuador Luxembourg St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Antigua El Salvador Macao Samoa
Argentina Estonia Macedonia San Marino
Armenia Fiji Malawi Sao Tome e Principe
Australia Finland Malta Serbia
Austria France Marshall Islands Seychelles
Azerbaijan Georgia Mauritius Slovakia
Bahamas Germany Mexico South Africa
Barbados Greece Moldova South Korea
Belarus Grenada Monaco Spain
Suriname Honduras Mongolia Swaziland
Belize Hong Kong Montenegro Sweden
Bosnia & Herzegovina Hungary Namibia Switzerland
Botswana Iceland Nicaragua Tonga
Brunei Darussalam India Netherlands Trinidad & Tobago
Bulgaria Ireland New Zealand Turkey
Cape Verde Israel Niue Ukraine
Colombia Italy Norway United Kingdom
Costa Rica Japan Panama United States
Croatia Kazakhstan Peru Uruguay
Cyprus Latvia Poland Vanuatu
Czech Republic Lesotho Portugal Venezuela
Denmark Liberia Romania
Dominica Liechtenstein Russian Federation


If the document you need to be authenticated and legalized is “not” in the list above,  the documents must first be authenticated by the United States Department of State in order to be accepted at the corresponding embassy, therefore the processing time is also longer. Also, the rates are different from the Apostille rates, as each embassy charges different fees for document authentications, and there are additional shipping fees associated with this type of documentation. Call us to consult your specific case.

In conclusion, whether the country you need the documents legalized for is an “Apostille” country or not, Miami Notary Service will resolve all your document authentication needs.

For more info about Apostilles call:  ApostilesUSA and Buffalo (Mobile) Notary Services at 716-404-4140 or 1-(888) 256-1404

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Apostille Or Authentication Certificates?

Apostilles and authentication certificates validate the seal and signature of a Notary on a public document so that it can be recognized in a foreign country. Both verify that you held a Notary commission at the time you notarized the document.


Apostilles are used when public documents are being transferred between countries that are party to the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. This international treaty streamlined the cumbersome, traditional procedure for authenticating documents.
An apostille is issued by your Secretary of State’s office or Notary commissioning agency. The single apostille is the only certification needed. Once prepared and verified, the apostille is attached to and sent along with the notarized documents. This all happens after the notarization and requires no action on your part.

Authentication certificates are used for destination nations that are not a party to the Hague Convention. Instead of a single apostille, the document needs several authentication certificates, including those from your commissioning agency, the U.S. Department of State, the consul of the destination country and potentially another government official in the country.
The requirements and processing time for authentication certificates will vary from country to country.

Getting A Notarization Authenticated

According to the U.S. Department of State, documents that may require authentication for use abroad include: affidavits, agreements, articles of incorporation, company bylaws, deeds of assignment, diplomas, home study, income verification, powers of attorney, single status, transcripts, trademarks, warrants, extraditions, certificates of good standing, and other general business documents. Also, parents wanting to adopt a child living in another country must have their adoption dossiers properly authenticated.
But your client is responsible for requesting the authentication — not you.
Requests for an apostille or authentication certificate are generally submitted in writing to your state’s Notary commissioning authority (usually the Secretary of State’s office), and should contain:
An explanation of why the apostille or authentication is needed
The original document, including the Notary’s completed notarial certificate
The final destination of the document
A postage-paid return envelope addressed to either the document custodian or the document’s final destination.
The required fee (varies by state)
The commissioning office determines whether the document requires an apostille or authentication certificate, based on the document’s final destination.
What’s The Notary’s Role?

Your only responsibility is to notarize the document itself. Because the document is destined for another country, the notarization must be performed accurately to ensure that there aren’t any problems on the receiving end. For example, some judges presiding over adoption cases in other countries may reject documents not properly notarized.
Keep in mind, also, that as with any notarized documents passing through a Notary regulator’s office, the paperwork will command particularly close scrutiny. Any notarial errors discovered may result in an enforcement action against you.